Painful But Worth It. - Sioux Falls, SD

After having severe cystic acne for several years...

After having severe cystic acne for several years and after completing Acutane and other medications i finally was able to stop breakouts. While i stopped having the breakouts, i still had scarring and redness on my face. I was first apprehensive of having the operation because the cost, and pain of the procedure. Cons: For the pain they gave me a topical numbing agent and a HIGH dose of both ocycodone and hydrocodone. But even with all of the pain meds, it was probably one of the most painful experiences of my life. It is hard to describe the pain, but the best way i can explain it is that it felt like needles on fire went through your skin and shocked you for an hour over and over. After the surgery was done i was so exhausted and didn't want anyone to touch me because i was in shock of what just happened. The recovery was still painful for the first couple days and finally took about 7 days for me to be able to feel like i could go out in public without feeling like people were staring at me. Pros: While there are alot of "cons", i would perform this procedure again in a heartbeat. The results of the surgery were better than i imagined and am very happy with the results. My skin looks younger and i would say 90% of the scarring has gone away. I feel most confident with my skin and am overall more happy. :):):)

What kind of laser did you have? Just the one treatment and you saw a decrease in scarring by 90%? That's amazing! I have shallow scarring that I'm looking to address. Thanks.

It is fantastic to hear how pleased you are with your results! I'll admit, the description of "needles on fire went through your skin and shocked you for an hour over and over." sounds far less than fun, but I'm so glad that despite that you feel its worth it.

Did you have any specific things you had to do (or not do) to take care of your skin after the treatment?

After I had the resurfacing I had to be very careful what i got on my skin. My plastic surgeon gave me prescription cremes and a special face wash to use instead of the products I had been using before. The biggest problem I faced was that you absolutely can't have any sun contact with your face (driving in a car I had to wear a hat, sunglasses, and scarf to make sure no sun got on my skin). Even though I had my procedure the beginning of winter, it was still difficult to try to stay out of the sun.
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