Helped Clear My Severe Cystic Acne - Sioux Falls, SD

After meeting with my dermatologist i was told i...

After meeting with my dermatologist i was told i had severe cystic acne. (I even had acne cysts forming in my neck and ear lobes) After trying numerous drugs and milder prescriptions I decided to take Acutane. I was told that i would have to take monthly blood tests to make sure the medication wasn't destroying my liver. I was also made aware about the side effects (depression, suicidal thoughts, liver problems, hallucinations etc.) While I did go through moderate dermatitis, mild depression and (occasional numbness in my face (this still continues occasionally) i believe that the outcome was far greater than the effects.

I was prescribed to take a 6 month dose twice a day. I didn't notice any change of the breakouts until around the second to third month. I continued to use it for my full six months and after i finished taking the medication my breakouts decreased dramatically. While i have been off accutane for about 2 years, i still only get a new breakout only a couple times a month. While some of the side effects and the monthly blood work were uncomfortable and annoying, i believe that accutane helped my face dramatically.


I love hearing from people who were able to complete accutane treatment. It really is one of those drugs that is scary to take, but the benefits can be so huge! Glad it worked well for you. :)

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