1st Day After Treatment Still Not Sure What to Expect - Sioux City, IA

I had my 1st treatment by an RN @ my spa 11/02/10...

I had my 1st treatment by an RN @ my spa 11/02/10 on my abdomen around my naval. I was given 20 shots & although I reacted by feeling nauseous and broke out in a sweat (normal for me under the circumstances) after some cold water and a COld compress I was out the door and drove an hour home. I am still pretty sore, although there is no more burning sensation and I go back in 2 weeks for my inner thighs. I am hoping to bet back to the gym tomorrow, but we will see.

Can you give me an update on your results? Do you see a difference, any complications?
Yes actually I am. Still a little sore but 100% better than yesterday. No lumps or knots like others had posted, still pretty bloated but I am massaging my abdomen regularly and wearing an ace bandage wrap they gave me and can report success so far.
Next treatment on abdomen is in a month and I am having my inner thighs done in two weeks. My spa won't allow you to do the same area in less than a months times. Sounds pretty smart to me. I also wanted to let everyone know my treatment cost was $990 for 6 treatments. Will keep you updated.

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I had to go through a medical screening process & all was explained thoroughly before hand. Very professional

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