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I Thought That is What I Wanted. - Singapore

Hi I am Grace from Singapore. For the longest time...

Hi I am Grace from Singapore. For the longest time in my life i wanted to get a tattoo. i am 32 this year. Not sure if i hated it or i am not used to it. I had it on my ankle in an anklet design, had it on feb 9 2014. Nowaday i kept looking at other's people legs and they are "clean" . Is this the feeling of regret? or i am too mindful of the stares i get from people? i have the thoughts of getting it remove but on the other hand i am telling myself to give myself sometime to get used to it. * confused*
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Welcome, glad you found us and took the time to share your thoughts. What is it about your tattoo that you dislike exactly?

 I think your tattoo is lovely. Getting a fresh tattoo can really shock you, especially because they are so bold and dark...they fade and eventually blend with your skin. The thing with removal is it's not 100% guaranteed, so take time to think about it, and allow yourself some adjustment time. Don't worry about what other people think of your tattoo, that's not what's important. If you live you life worrying what others think then you miss out on what makes you happy and staying true to yourself. 

Let us know what you decide :)
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hi Eva, Yes you are so so so right!! its the shocking part like that is something additional and its like so huge and dark... ( not sure if the reason that its newly tattooed) and i always think that people are staring at my feet .. Maybe i am too self - conscious???
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Your tattoo does not look huge at all! Trust me it will fade, give it a few weeks forsure. Tattoos almost look fake when they are new, especially black ink. 

Trust me when I say most people (as there are always those few) don`t care about your tattoo, they may look out of curiosity, which is to be expected...right. I have multiple tattoos, and I know people look but they don`t treat me any differently, just as I wouldn`t treat anyone else differently based on what they look like or choose to do with their life. For the few that may care, are they worth your concern anyways....

This could be a growth opportunity for you, as maybe you are too self conscious and your tattoo will take you into uncharted territory. I will admit, I was a bit shy to show off my first tattoo, and even my second...but now (with the exception of the one I am removing) I don`t think twice. Be brave, trust yourself - you will make the right decision ;) 
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Hey Eva, I really appreciate what you have said and sure enough i shall wait a few more week and see how it will turn out to be. I seriously think it all boils down to being too self conscious.. that is something i really must work on. And i am so glad that i found this channel to share my thoughts and worries.. I shall keep you guys updated.. Thanks so so so much..
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You are most welcome :) 

Keep us posted.
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Wow, Eva--there are no words. I am truly blown away by your response. You are such an inspiration and motivator for so many, including myself. You have no idea how much it meant to me when you reached out to me when I first joined Real Self. You calmed me down so much and I guarantee you have done the same for so many others on here. Thank you for all you do.
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Well thank you so much :) That is very sweet of you! I am just glad that you did find us and were able to find comfort on the site. 
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Only you can decide if you want to keep it, or attempt to have it removed. Laser treatments are painful, expensive, and take a lot of patience because it is a long process. You have to really want the tat removed to undergo this process.
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