Stopped after 5 mins - review - Singapore

After 5 mins when my lower tummy skin was...

After 5 mins when my lower tummy skin was vaccummed, instead of feeling 'cold' effect - I feel it is 'HOT' instead.

Out of panicked told the doctor to stop when the heat goes into a degree which i feel hotter and hotter

Could someone tell me what is your feeling throughout the 60 mins process? Is it after the heat you will feel cool and freeze? No confident of what the doctor told me, rather want to hear from guys here who went through the process


Hi, I did coolsculpting on my lower abs about 5 weeks ago, and do not remember feeling any warmth at all. All I felt was a quite intense pulling, that hurt a bit, and then definitely cold as soon as they turned the elements on. After 5 mins the area was numbed by coolness. But I actually just read on my docs home page, describing the Zeltic machine as the elements can be programmed to either cool OR warm. Don't know what the warmth is for. I would contact Zeltiq directly and ask if I were you...
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