No Pain! is It Not Working? - Singapore

I've just had cool sculpting done on my thigh area...

I've just had cool sculpting done on my thigh area a week ago. i am of slim build. i did cool sculpting just to get rid of the top layer of fat that was covering my thighs.. hard to get rid off even though i exercise at least 3 times a week.

As for the procedure, the only uncomfortable part was when it first suctioned the fats into the wand. but it was not extremely uncomfortable, just cold and possibly a slight tight feeling because of the suction. when it was done, the area was just very cold but warmed up in about ten minutes. 

I have not experienced any pain since the treatment. i'm just wondering if its not working because i don't seem to be experiencing any of the pain that has been described by many people who have done the procedure.

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

Not everyone who has this procedure experiences pain, I think it depends on the individual. Also, the pain sometimes comes a couple of weeks after the procedure itself.

Have you got a follow-up appointment with you doctor, so you can disucss?

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