Microdermabrasion Crisis Left my Daughter with Severe Bruising, Burns and Swelling - Silverdale, WA

The experience was nice the day of service, but we...

The experience was nice the day of service, but we went back in 4 days after to let them examine her because of the swellin g, bruising and burns we only could speak to the receptionist which I think was rude. She said it was because the tech who treated her was out, but they have a full staff of other techs, nurses and doctors.

My daughter had a microdermabrasion procedure, which left her with severe bruising, burns and a lot of swelling. Will this go away? Her skin is very fair and now is dark and blothchy. This was a week ago.

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My face is ruined forever. Discolored and open pores that I never had!! Estatician didn't seem concerned when I tried to show her everything she caused!!
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Burns, Scabs and permanent discoloration should NEVER be accepted. Take pictures Right Away and get a WRITTEN opinion from another doctor. Legal action may be needed. ont settle. If they refuse to see right it down. The date and time and the name of the receptionist. Take that business to court!
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