Silicone All the Way

I had saline back in 1999 done and just in nov...

i had saline back in 1999 done and just in nov 2008 i redid them w silicone just went 50cc bigger. he went under the breast same scar there. i love them... not too big but not small. im a 32d cup (34c) he gave me a lil off the price since ive had them done by him 10 yrs ago.

hey mamaags, yeah I had saline implant for 8 years and had mine redone with silicone, so much better and i dont see any ripples and feel so much more natural, I agree with you..silicone all the way!!!!!!
I like the silicone much better than saline when u lean over u dont have that open pocket u get w the salines. dr baxt is the best in NJ... he is realistic and doesnt just take ur money he tells u wut to truly expect even if its not wut u think. he wont lie to u and tell u things "u wanna hear" he isnt into the super big implants like the stripper look... he will make them as big as possible for ur body type. honestly i know some ladies like that stripper look but in the regular world it isnt a nice look to some. but it is up to the person... im a 32D (34C) which for my size is pretty big anyhow.
is he a good dr? I was thinking of going to him.....and why did u decide to do silicone verses saline?
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

I had my redo after 10 yrs. He is very realistic and does not just take your money and do what you want. He gives it to you straight. If you want the big super fake pam anderson 90's look then he isnt the dr for u.

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