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Had a series of 100 dollar injections 20 years...

had a series of 100 dollar injections 20 years ago, when there were no alternatives like restylane. looked great for 10 years. the job was well done at first. men flocked to me. now they don't even look twice. all the silicone is sagging, leaving me looking 10 years older than my age. my cheeks are sagging into jowls. my chin is sagging. the injections seem to have swollen with time. my face feels heavy and looks abnormally large. think cat lady. or one of those drag queens. the silicone absorbs into the tissue so there is nothing that can be done to reverse it.

it was so cheap, but think twice before you do something so permanent! nobody could have told me at age 20 that this would happen to me. i wish i'd had a crystal ball. my lips are so full everyone stares at my mouth when i talk. some people are rude enough to ask me about it. people judge me and assume i must be insecure/stupid. women instantly do not like me because i look like a freak. look at all the mean websites calling people fish lips or duck lips. even anderson cooper made fun of someone who'd had it done years ago and can't undo it. we didn't intend to look deformed. now i avoid people and conversations because they stare at my mouth so much. please don't do it! you'll be sorry.

hello, it seems i have the same problem with you.
i had lip silicon injections 20 years ago and some injections around the nose to the nasofascial wrinkles,that was it.
after 12 years my faces started to drop and my lips as well.everybody assumes that ia have done something surgical on my face and i look 10 years older sometimes..and they focus on my lips the upper part on the center is dropped!
if you or me have any news of a specialist on our case lets inform eachother about it.
my best regards, and keep smiling ..we will correct it

Hi veinpain,

Thanks for the review. I'm really sorry this happened to you. Have you been to see anyone else to see if they could fix it? Please keep us updated.



No one in my area wants to touch me. From all the research on this site and responses I have read from physicians, you can understand why. It would be at a great cost, with possible complications and questionable outcomes. It is depressing to read one doctor's response that we end up looking freakish, etc. However, the truth hurts. I now avoid all social contact.
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