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Owing to dimples in my face I had a filler...

Owing to dimples in my face I had a filler (biopolimery 350) injected in my cheeks 2 years ago. with time it has moved down and now it bulges a little on both lower parts of my cheecks.

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polymer 350 is silicone a permanent filler to be avoid as pest.

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silicone is a safe filler when used with the microdroplet technique. I had mid face rejuvenation done with silicone and I am super happy with the results. Also I know other people who had it done and none is having any problems what so ever.
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girl33635 thanx
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will you please let me know the name and address of the doctor who removed silicone from your face?
Thank you

you can reply here if it don't bother you:

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Dr.Nathan pham

celebration cosmetic surgery /orlando
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Me and a lot of my girls and boys has had silicone in our faces since 1996 and nothing has happened yet.But did u say u got sil in ur dimples so they could disappear ? Uh of course that would move its not even connected to ur bone but wondering round in ur chubby cheeks.My silicone is on my cheek bone where it is suppose to be
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