I'm very happy with my decision - Silicone is Definitely Worth It - Grand Rapids, MI

I have friends and relitives that chose saline and...

I have friends and relitives that chose saline and to me they felt like water balloons beneath the skin. As soon as I felt the difference at my surgeon's office - my choice was made. They cost more but feel so much more natural. I'm very happy with my decision.


Can you give some details on your recovery? I am very active, martial artist, weight training, teach group classes, and am in a profession where I use my upper body especially my chest muscles all day. I cannot be out of commission for very long and that has stopped me from looking into this too much.
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I had my augmentation2 weeks ago today. My surgeon and her staff were very informative and showed me before and after photos of work she had done so I had a very good idea going in what to expect. Everything went perfect and looks great.

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