Silicone Breast Implants One is Higher

I have new breast implants, and they don’t...

I have new breast implants, and they don’t look exactly how I expected. Its been about 5 weeks and the one is higher. i asked the doctor about it but couldnt get a clear answer on if this is normal, My procedure was done on 3/27/09 breast lift and implants.


Youre still in the healing process, breasts are like 2 different procedures and heal at 2 different rates. Hence one may be tighter/higher for awhile. Your final result will not be for a couple to several months when you finally "drop & fluff". Until then, try not to be concerned.
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I have been researching BA.From everything I have been reading,it seems as if this is part of the process,it could take longer for one side to drop and settle than the other.Have also read that the side that is used more often for ex:if you are right handed,it could settle faster so do more with your opposite, that might be taking a little longer.Of course I am no PS,but I am hoping this helps you.Have read several,questions and answers concerning this as well as actual patient blogs with this issue and how it was corrected.Good luck to you,hope things turn out for you
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My doctor did not give a clear answer. He is to busy to talk to you but not to busy to take your money.

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