Waiting to See my Results ..likiing It So Far

Two days ago i just had 450cc silicone moderate...

two days ago i just had 450cc silicone moderate profile implants in me and so far the ace bandage is very itchy but I'm liking the looks of things...the only pain I've felt before surgery was the needle to numb my left hand where the IV sedation needle was going to be inserted into my vein..then after that ..things went woozy...I woke up with my chest feeling sore...just like i had just ran 2 miles..and how the feeling of soreness is on my thigh..it was the best 7,000 dollars I've ever spent! i'll show pictures once they give them to me! 8)


I love mine too - I had no pain, swelling or bruising with the same 450 cc moderate plus implants. I am 4 weeks out and still itchy - the scar is tender in some bras. Nordstrom carries fancy, sexy, well-made bras just for augmented breasts in the proper sizes . . . I am now a 32 E or F and look completely normal - the implants settled in nicely right away.
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I'm also thinking going 450cc silicone implants. can you upload the pics so can see how it looks? :) Amy
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Yes I too I am getting 450 cc of silicone gummy bears in 2 weeks *). I would love to see your photo's. Thank you
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