Nervous; Upper/Lower Stomach and Love Handles - Sierra Vista, AZ

I am scheduled for laser Lipo 2/8. I am having my...

I am scheduled for laser Lipo 2/8. I am having my upper and lower stomach and handle bars done. I am getting very nervous. Any info on this procedure would be helpful. I am getting very nervous. How long does the drainage last? Will I feel anything during the procedure? I purchased adult diapers for the drainage is there anything else I should hAve

I just had laser lipo on my mid abs, waist, hips and inner drainage only lasted a day, but my understanding is that it depends on your size ( the drainage is the fluids they put in, so size does matter) but either way i only needed a couple sterile pads (diapers might be a bit much) the incisions healed w/in days and started scabbing over...i am 10 days post op and i still have some swelling and bruising but not much pain left....the first two days were just a lot of soreness, which was alleviated easily by either the vicoden prescribed or simple motrin which was recommended. The most painful part of the procedure was the novacaine injections....if i started to feel anything in an area. (Like my love handle area) then i just told the Dr. who injected more solution which numbs the area.... iactually watched my stomach get done i was so intrigued :-)

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Good luck with your procedure, I hope everything goes well for you.

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It will be a month tomorrow since my procedure. I...

it will be a month tomorrow since my procedure. I am very pleased withy results. Had no issues and never needed to take any of the pain Meds. I still am very a spanx garment for support. I still have some skin hanging in my lower stomach but this was so worth it because of no down time.
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