Side Effects After Chemical Peel

I'm 44, and wanted to smooth superficial scars and...

I'm 44, and wanted to smooth superficial scars and wrinkles,.

the treatment was quick though, but very painfull. I did not react to this treatment as i expected. my skin is raised at some parts what makes scars more noticable. the wrinkles are gone and i look much younger, but I am still very blushed and warm, and the raised areas make it impossible to cover up with make up.

I can't return to my normal life yet..

I have done a medium plus Chemical Peel about almost two months ago. My new skin looked smooth after two weeks although was very red, but since after approximately three weeks I am developing irregularities-uneven, swollen, itchy and raised texture. My skin is still reddish warm and dynamic, changes.

My doctor prescribed me "dermovate cream" or ointment three times a day. Please kindly advise since I feel so bad and worried. Thank you.

gal k

Also trade in the Dermovate after a few days for desonide lotion...Safer for the face.... Save the other for bug bites ect..he he
Because you say it is warm and it itches but seemed fine at first If you should consider a cream for candida... Ask your doctor for a prescription for Ertaczo....Very gentle and can't hurt if it's not the problem.... This is a highly overlooked complication.... If you can drinking warm Apple cider vinager will help to.Or order apple cider vinager capsules..... Google candida rash Fungal rash You can easily get a fungal infection simply from using a family members towel..Things like this are not eliminated in the wash unless you wash every load on sanitary mode....
Gad Klaus

I did not recieve anything for the severe pain, the wrinkles are gone for now, but I am facing a long recovery time, with bad side effects.

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