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Pigmentation Side Effects from Chemical Peel

I had a tca peel on my leg done by a friend of...

i had a tca peel on my leg done by a friend of mine.was painful..someplaces the result are beautiful,but at places it has left hypoigmented strips like pattern on my leg. there are alternating patchy hypo and hyper pigmentation on my legs now and the skin looks thinned at hypopigmented places.

can you recommend any treatment? will it become normal? please help...panick
You are blessed if all you received is brown. I have serious scarring with some brown and all the way around my mouth is discolorarion and I can barely open my mouth to eat. It's bad that I rec'd this from a plastic surgeon, but never do anything like this at home. You may check into laser to see if that will help. I pray for you.

Hello, Im wondering what percent was the peel? Also there is a solution you can use hydoquinone forte which will make your skin even colored and eventually back to normal.You can get this cream either thru me or a doctor.Good Luck

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friend of mine

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