Side Effect from Botox?

I have used Botox before successfully for 2 years...

I have used Botox before successfully for 2 years for forehead wrinkles. I was overseas in Thailand, and decided to tryit there at an antiaging clinic.

I checked to make sure they using genuine Allergen brand. I had it injected in my forehead and sides of the eyes for crows-feet.

Unfortunately I did not follow the recomendations about not lying down for several hours and I lied down for around 30 minutes. I started feeling dizzy that night. I am wondering if this is related to the Botux. I hpe I wont be dizzy for 8 months :(

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Friendly and inexpensive.

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i would,nt have botox if it were free...i have seen some dreadful results caused by its long term friend has used it for years and what a mess she looks now.
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