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Dr. Daniel R Knight performed breast reduction on me several years ago and now I'm thinking it wasn't the right thing to do or should I say the wrong doctor to go to to have the procedure done. The procedure was much needed because my breast were very large and caused me back problems. Since the procedure my breast now is VERY uneven; one is up higher than the other (much noticable and one aerola is much larger than the other). Right after the surgery I was happy to have had it done thinking I could now wear blouses if I wanted without worrying about a bra, like spaghetting strap blouses but I CAN NOT wear this due to the fact I look like a freak under my clothes. I am now wanting and feeling like I'm needing to go to have my breast fixed by another physician from this mess! I'm even embarrassed to take my clothes off in front of my husband. I'm thinking having the larger breast wasn't so bad after all because now I'm really scarred for life because he really messed my breast up and I am totally NOT satisfied with the results!! I know this was a breast reduction to reduce the breast due to back problems, etc., and not cosmetic but at least it could've been done in better quality and not a botched up job! Now I feel worse about myself before the surgery was done. 


I feel the same way he was my doc as well.....I got a tummy tuck 1st at a discounted price because I was coming in after I heal to get the reduction and I loved the tummy tuck and my breast the way they were. I was having back and problems as well so I had the reduction and it went down hill from there. I hated it I got depressed and ate and gained weight. I am now a 40DDD and I was a 38DD before reduction in '04. I plan on getting another one and maybe going to Dr. Paul Davis I have seen his work and he do a great job. Wish I would have spent a little more money and got both procedure done there. I loved the service at Dr. Knight just not the results. Hopefully you can figure something out to make you happy again.
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I know how you feel. I also choose the wrong doctor and now I'm paying for it. I hope things get better for you.
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I'm really sorry your dealing with such a upsetting outcome. I hope you can find a awesome dr who will have some inexpensive option, but it's got to be difficult to go through this procedure a second time. if u wanna talk i'm a good listener.
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