Shouldn't a Tummy Tuck Leave Your Tummy Tight?

Ihave 4 children my skin in my lower abdomen was...

Ihave 4 children my skin in my lower abdomen was stretched and sort of hung over after careful consideration and full researching I decided with my husband's support to have a tummy tuck.

the experience was very awesome no pain at all eventhough I developed an infection with taking antibiotics it cleared up, but I was not able to wear the girdle because it caused pressure on the infected area. now I think that is why my tummy is not tight like it should be. It's flat and I love it, but not tight.

I had a tummy tuck 3 months ago and my tummy is as flat as can be I am very satisfied in that but my tummy is not tight as I hear it should be it's soft to the touch. since I did get a small infection I was not able to wear my girdle as told could this be the reason behind my soft belly?


i had a tt and lipo of the waist my skin is the same i think it's not completly tight when i am standing it is fine but when i sit down i have a gut not sure why that is but i went from being a 32 to a 29 i had it done in june of 09
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Some doctors don't require the girdle post-op, so it's hard to imagine it would make a huge difference in your results. Here are some related threads that expound on this:

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