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Should Sculptra Injections Be Painful?

I had 1 vial of Sculptra done 5 weeks ago. The...

I had 1 vial of Sculptra done 5 weeks ago. The derm did not pre mix the vial 2 hours prior as I decided spur of the moment to get the treatment.

I would like to know if not pre-mixing the Sculptra powder 2 hours prior can cause problems down the road for me? I also expected it to be painful as I have heard from other patients. It was not at all painful and Im wondering if it was because it was not injected deeply enough? I did not have and prior numbing injections or cream.

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Dont know yet as it is too soon to say

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The makers of sculptra recommend that the sculptra be reconstituted several hours >12 before treatment. I have my staff rconstitute sculptra 24 hours in advance. It is safer that way. Before sculptra injection patients can elect to have one of two "numbing" treatments. The first is a topical anesthetic that works somewhat well. The second is an injection that blocks the nerves and works very well. The injection however lasts 3-4 hours and so some patients elect to use the numbing. Also there is numbing medicine in the sculptra so once there is injection of sculptra even more numbing medicine is being added.
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oh dear, It sounds like you didn't get a "master injector" either. It will make the product more prone to clumping and clumping more prone to a foreign body response. This includes many painful and disfiguring possibilities. Keep your fingers crossed because it can not be surgically removed. Contact the FDA medical device people and the manufacturer. That "Dr." made a very big mistake. Unfortunately, it is you who will realize the consequences.
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