Should I Have a Redo?

I had liposuction on my love handles and...

I had liposuction on my love handles and saddlebags about two years ago. I exercise regularly, eat healthy and am 5'4 130lbs. NO matter what I did I couldn't get rid of the love handles or saddlebags. The pain was not that bad after the first week and very little black and blues.

I am considering having my Liposuction redone, but will most likely not go back to the same doctor as I was not happy with the results. Will the cost of a redo with a different doctor be about the same as it was with the new procedure, or can I expect to pay less? I'm happy I had it done but I'm not happy that after two years my love handles don't even look like they were done.

I'm kind of in the same boat as you are except my dr left me fatter from one side but I am going to get a redo and I think that you should get a redo if you are so unsatisfied with the results after 2 years,that keeps bothering you,i would get a redo and Im going to get a redo in Jan 10 cuz I did mine on Jan 09 I already investigated with other dr.s and they're all going to charge you the same price that they would charge for a complete liposuction that's what I was told.
Don't go for more surgery! You're going to end up with ugly lumps just like me! Because my dr took too much fat off my abs, i have the most horrible and uneven skin.
maybe because you were already tiny to begin with he decided not to remove too much. Im actually the same weight and height, and my doctor told me the same thing.
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I loved my doctor but I wish he had listened to me and not made the decision himself. I told him I wanted more taken out and he said he wouldn't do it. Now I have to find another doctor after 2 years and unsatisfaction to redo it.

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