Should I Go for the 4th Treatment?

I've had three Fraxel treatments, and I'm...

I've had three Fraxel treatments, and I'm contemplating if I should go for the fourth. It's $1300 for the entire face and $600 for the cheeks. Most of the deep scarring is in my cheeks. I've had a subtle improvement. I thought as deep as my doctor went, I would have seen a better improvment. I don't even see an improvment in my pore size. My first treatment was in Dec and it's now Feb and I don't see any new collagen growing. Can anyone that has had at least 3-4 treatment give me advise. Have you seen new collagen in the face? My scars are still very visible on my cheeks, it's so embarresing!
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Hi Dr. Epstein, Thank you for the reply. I wish I lived closer to Cherry Hill. I'm going to do one or two more and see if there is any improvement. I feel defeated after three and not seeing ANY results. Regards, Haz
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Hazel, You may not see much improvement until 3-6 months after your last fraxel treatment. It takes that long for collagen to be stimulated in a clinically significant amount. Be patient. You will probably need at least 5 treatments. We do Fraxel treatments in Cherry Hill, NJ. We charge $4300 for a package of 5 treatments (whole face). To do just the cheeks would be much less. Good luck. Dr. Epstein Cherry Hill Laser & Skin Care Center
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