Should I Go for the 4th Treatment?

I've had three Fraxel treatments, and I'm...

I've had three Fraxel treatments, and I'm contemplating if I should go for the fourth. It's $1300 for the entire face and $600 for the cheeks. Most of the deep scarring is in my cheeks. I've had a subtle improvement. I thought as deep as my doctor went, I would have seen a better improvment. I don't even see an improvment in my pore size. My first treatment was in Dec and it's now Feb and I don't see any new collagen growing. Can anyone that has had at least 3-4 treatment give me advise. Have you seen new collagen in the face? My scars are still very visible on my cheeks, it's so embarresing!


Hi Dr. Epstein, Thank you for the reply. I wish I lived closer to Cherry Hill. I'm going to do one or two more and see if there is any improvement. I feel defeated after three and not seeing ANY results. Regards, Haz
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Hazel, You may not see much improvement until 3-6 months after your last fraxel treatment. It takes that long for collagen to be stimulated in a clinically significant amount. Be patient. You will probably need at least 5 treatments. We do Fraxel treatments in Cherry Hill, NJ. We charge $4300 for a package of 5 treatments (whole face). To do just the cheeks would be much less. Good luck. Dr. Epstein Cherry Hill Laser & Skin Care Center
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