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Short Recovery Time but No Results

I had this treatment done because I have very...

I had this treatment done because I have very large pores on my cheeks and forehead. The treatment was painful and my face continued to burn up to about an hour after it was done. I was given a paracetamol and a cooling gel after the treatment. My face was crusty, red and peeling up to 5 days afterwards and I was eager to see my new skin but my pores are just as large and my scars are still there.

I had Mixto Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing done 2 weeks ago but don't see any difference for my large pores and acne scars. How long does it take for the results to show?


I have to say that after having TWO mixto fractional co2 laser treatments, I have seen little to no results-- and I am more than 6 months out now, which is when the "real" results are supposed to show. What I HAVE seen are two things: 1) my face has become discolored even though I use spf 70 when I'm out in the sun (my doctor's office, last time I was there for Botox, said there wasn't any discoloration, but there was some then and there is a lot more now), and 2) my face has a tendency to get little whiteheads that remain on some level under my skin so that they never go away. I think I will have to go to my dermatologist for this.

When I told my doctor (revered plastic surgeon in this area) last time I saw him that I didn't see much improvement in my skin after the mixto (still have dark spots, still have large pores), he said, "Well, it only hits a fraction of your skin, so you can't expect a radical change."

But if you want to spend your money and the down time hiding in seclusion until your face finished being lizard-like, go ahead. I wouldn't do it again.
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Hi Summer66,
Thank you very much for your information and for sharing your story with me!
Hello Eurasian,
I have an appointment on Monday to do a mixto fractional co2 laser! I did read your comment and I'm a bit shocked! Can you please tell me, how are your results? Are you still unhappy or your sckin got better?

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No measures were taken before or during the treatment to alleviate the pain.

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