57 Year Old with Stubborn Upper Inner Thigh Fat - Sherman Oaks, CA

After dieting for some time I decided to try the...

After dieting for some time I decided to try the cool sculpt on my upper inner thighs as well as the lower buttocks. The staff at the center told me it had positive results on everyone so I talked myself into investing the few thousand that it cost. The procedure was not too bad...really cold and an extreme tugging, but not painful. I was numb in the areas for almost two weeks. I stayed on my diet and was rechecked in four weeks with no results. Was told to be patient and that the procedure could take up to three months. Month two came with absolutely no results, so I started to accept the fact that perhaps this was a great waste of time and money. Month three came with zero fat/weight loss. It is now almost five months and still nothing. The doctor had said he guessed it just wasn't for me. I feel so ripped off and stupid for thinking this procedure could do something the non-evasive way. Lipo would've been much better as it's basically guaranteed and has instant results. Save your money for something else!
Also, my spa would absolutely REFUSE to touch my buttocks, because they said all it would do is cause them to droop. Shame on your Dr for doing that!
After having CS multiple times on my belly, inner/outer thighs, I have found that unless you've got the correct attachment for the legs (rectangular) it is pretty much a waste of $$$, unless you get it done a lot like I have.
Thanks for the comment. I did have the rectangle ones on the inner thighs and lower buttocks. I will not have it done again because for the price for a double-do, I could have lipo which would be quicker and have more of a guarantee.
Dr. Z

The doctor and staff are very accommodating and super nice. The atmosphere is modern, clean and professional.

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