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Perlane Under Eyes - Not What I Had Hoped for

I had this done in the area under my eyes to help...

I had this done in the area under my eyes to help with the fat pads underneath. It helped a little, but now I have a line under one eye and the other still looks like a bag.

I went back for my 2 week check up and she says that it was done correctly and that I look alot better. I'm not sure but I think I might go get the line under my eye disolved.

I had a little more filler put in and I look alot...

I had a little more filler put in and I look alot better. Very happy with the results now!

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I'm not sure she did anything wrong or if this is really just what I can expect from this treatment.

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Sorry to hear you did not have a good perlane experience. Before I had my blepharoplasties, I had gotten juverderm in my tear troughs. It was painful as my injector used a fanning motion that my current doctor tells me isn't ideal. It also left a slight bluish hue. The results were not very great either. I eventually got lower transconjuctival bleph w fat removal and transfer with some lasering of the skin (to tighten the crepe-y look since there were no outside incisions to tighten skin) and am so happy. I guess my advice is just that it is worth it to save your money and get a more permanant solution like I did. The fillers in the long run are prob way more expensive anyways depending on how fast you process it too. Good luck, hope you find something that makes you happier!
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Ok I do see a BIT of improvement....I too did the same exact thing as you, and here is what I have found (not like you won't hear it again and again on this very helpful site): if a doc injects this stuff or anything too superficially or without really "getting" the structure of your face (to make it even, especially), it goes wrong. The first time I had a doc in VA inject stuff in that area it created these wormlike, wiry bumps and ruined my LIFE. I did everything right but what it was, according to the next doc I saw, was improper injection. You would think i would be scared to do it again but I wasn't for whatever reason and THAT doc, Dr. Alouf in salem, VA (hot and talented) gave me pretty much no probs although....you have to KEEP GETTING IT DONE. So....this means bumps will go away eventually but so will good results. But you'll see if you have not already, they do eventually go away, and then go get you a good doc if you can, and have him do the proper amount and the proper way and it does work. That's what I found, although i now need a more permanent way because it gets COSTLy! best of luck. Of btW I read another comment on here and it is true, you need to focus on the whole face, not just one area -- as the good doctor explained, see the forest not the individual trees, although it's difficult not to pick yourself apart. I will tell you what I saw, not worth it if you want to do it right, get a good doc (hard, I know) to fill it in in such a way that not only does it improve that area but goes with the whole face, which is, as the other person on here said, quite pretty!
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I think you actually do look better in the after photo than the before photo. The best photo is the one 3 days after injection but the 2 week one is better than the one without injection.
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I was thinking about you today and I am wondering why your doctor used Perlane instead of Restylane under your eyes? Usually doctors use Restylane in this area because Perlane is considered too thick. Perhaps this is contributing to the appearance of the 'white line' under your right eye and you could discuss this with your doctor?
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Thank you so much for your review. I went to another doc and he said he could see the filler under the one eye which is the filler showing. He said the other eye could be improved upon. For now I'm just going to leave it alone and hope for better results next time. I don't know why my doc used perlane. I trusted that they know what they are doing. Maybe next time I can try the Restylane.
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Good idea! The molecules in Restylane are smaller than those in Perlane so you are less likely to get a 'visible show' of filler with Restylane under the eyes where the skin is very thin and translucent. Perlane is intended for areas where it can be injected deep within the skin. Heat and gentle massage will help the Perlane to dissolve faster. Cheers, K
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I agree about the hyaluronidase. Please read my review and others before considering having the filler dissolved. You will note from the reviews that the satisfaction rate for hyaluronidase (especially under the eyes) is very low and for a good reason! Filler under the eyes can often look 'bulky' at the beginning but it will eventually soften and settle in to the surrounding tissue. Your left lower eyelid was worse than the right before the filler and that is why it has not been completely corrected. The third photo is taken with your head tilted downwards, which is going to show up the 'bag' more. I would suggest that you wait for a couple of months to let the filler settle in and then see how you feel about dissolving it. As a fellow sufferer of dark eye circles, I know how easy it is to focus on them but you should focus on your whole face instead. You are pretty!! If you want to discuss the pros and cons of dissolving hyaluronic acid filler with hyaluronidase, I have done it, so please feel free to send me a private email if you have any questions. Cheers, K

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I am hoping you left well enough alone-its an hyaluronic filler so I guess you could get injections of hyaluronidase (sp?) but I know there are problems with that. Just wait and see-it does not look that bad. I am thinking from straight on it probably looks ok and you are obsessing about it.
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