Cool Sculpting 36 Year Old, Mother of 1, Waste of Time and Money - Shelby Twp, MI

I had the cool sculpting procedure last July and I...

I had the cool sculpting procedure last July and I see no change in my appearance. I do believe that I would have benefitted from lipo which was my initial plan. I was talked into this procedure that I believe I was not a good candidate for. The procedure was performed by a tech on my upper and lower abdomen and my bilateral upper back. No one contacted me after my procedure for a follow up, which makes me feel like they took my money and ran. I had a consultation with Dr. Lofman yesterday and I will be scheduling lipo surgery in the upcoming weeks. I will update you on my results at a later date.
Wow, well, I too have not been contacted since the first round of paddles. It has only been 3 weeks so I am hoping for some good results, and see nothing yet. Also, can someone explain how you don't actually loose weight but you loose fat cells? How does that work?
Andrea422 I perform both coolsculpting and smartlipo triplex at my office. Most of my staff, including myself, have had coolscultping with very nice results. Although you did not have coolsculpting at my office, I would be happy to evaluate the best procedure for you without any obligation. My office is in Sterling Heights Michigan, Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa. Please call Laney at 5862547692
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