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These Doctors Are Lying - Severna Park, MD

These doctors are lying because they want everyone...

These doctors are lying because they want everyone to think botox. Money hungry pigs. Botox destroyed my life.

Don't do it. All the doctors that say that they have never heard of the disasters of botox are lying. This is how they make money. Don't know how they sleep at night. My georgous cheek bones are gone, skin is no longer tight and youthful, botox spreads to the entire face, you get permanent dark circles, and under eyes of a 95 year old, I no longer feel confident. I'm the same person with another face.

Went in for a free consultation and got a lie about how safe botox was and it ended up being the worst mistake of my entire life. I will never forget that day. I pray and pray to Jesus to heal me and have not lost faith. It has been 10 months. My face looks flat and eyes look hollow. These doctors are flat out lying to you. Please beleive me. You look beautiful compared to what you will look like after this. Cosmetic Plastic surgeons are evil. They do not get paid by insurance so they have to lie. Hang in there and pray.

How long did it take for your face to go back to normal?
TIG, so sorry to hear about your experience.

If it goes wrong it is devastating, i am still healing after 18months but look a hell of a lot better than i did in the past. i had a lot of botox as they injected more and more to try and cover the intial mistakes.

check my thread for advice
xx Meltyface xxxxx
hi, i'm so sorry to hear that you are going through exqctly what i am going through. i am at 9.5 months and still have a flat cheek, dead eye and dark and wrinkled baggy circles under the eyes. i have totally lost my self confidence and feel sick at the sight of myself. please let me know how you get on/recover. I PRAY THAT THIS NIGHTMARE WILL GO AWAY SOON. J X
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