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Severe Swelling with Radiesse

At age 35 now and after getting botox for two...

At age 35 now and after getting botox for two years now and being extremely happy with the results, I decided to try a filler for my smile lines. Doc said he reccomended radiesse. I didn't want my husband to find out and he said he wouldn't notice because I may have rednes at the injection site but I could cover that with makeup. About twenty minutes after leaving the office my face was so swollen I looked like the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz. I called back and asked if maybe the filler had moved so he recommended I come back. Upon return he massaged(immense pain) and sent me on my way saying it would go down within 24 hours. It has now been 4 days and I still look HORRIBLE. Anyone with swelling experience PLEASE contact me and let me know your experience. I am horrified. Be careful with this product!


I had Radiesse 5 yrs ago, all went perfect. Had it done 3 days ago on "smile lines" nasal labial folds 0.9 Lf side, 0.6 right side. His needle never went above my nostrils with Radiesse. My right side was immediately perfect. Normal mild swelling- none by morning. My left side, swollen twice size of right, was extremely tender, the left side of my top lip also swelled pretty big, from tear duct area down the side of my nose down to injection site also very swollen and bright red. My experienced Dr. said it was just localized swelling, said to take Advil, ice it and to take Septra. On morning of 3rd day I took 40mg of prednisone, it is now the evening of first dose if prednisone, swelling is down considerably-still taking Advil ( also helped with swelling) ice 10 minutes every hr. The redness is shrinking, still tender (like the worst sunburn I've ever had) but I can feel tingling, itching. Apparently a good sign! I have been pretty worried about this, but it seems to be subsiding everyday. I read everyone's story and a few gave me comfort, hopefully this will too. I just would like to know why one side went perfectly and not the other?
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