Serious Burns from Zoom Teeth Whitening

The inside of my lower lip is absolutely fried. ...

The inside of my lower lip is absolutely fried. It's been 7 days since the procedure and I still have to take Tylenol and Advil for the excrutiating pain. This was absolutely not worth it! Whatever whitening my teeth experienced is gone now since I haven't been able to even brush my teeth for 7 days.

I need to see a dermatologist. I've never been is so much pain before. Zoom needs to stop selling this product and dentists needs to care enough about their patients to stop using it. If you are one of the unlucky peoplewho gets burned, it's bad. We're talking oozing, throbbing, peeling, bleeding, bring you to your knees pain.


I am a dentist and been using ZOOM to whitening teeth for many years now. Today I saw my first lip burn patient after ZOOM whitening. Needless to say I will discourage my patients to get ZOOM. I never like ZOOM in the first place. ZOOM is being marketed so much to the public that patients come in asking for it. I don't see myself doing ZOOM anymore. My other system does not give sensitivity and there is no light involved.
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Patients have been burned in this office before but I was not made aware of the high risk for it. If I had been informed of the likelihood of this injury, I would NOT have consented to it.

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