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Completely Worth It So Far - Seoul, South Korea

We're military stationed overseas in South...

We're military stationed overseas in South Korea and I have only had two treatments so far and i've already noticed a difference. Once the swelling went down my skin looked smoother and and i've lost almost an inch around my hips. I go in two days for my next treatment. They're only 20,000? a treatment here (about $16) and i get them done twice a week. Korea is so much cheaper here for any kind of medical stuffs. (i got eye corrective surgery -PRK specifically- for $1600) i can't wait to see more results!

Dr. Sung

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Hi! Could you recommend your doctor or clinic? I'm looking for a place to try this procedure, and want to make sure I go to one that can be trusted. Thanks in advance for sharing!
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Where are you guys getting your treatments done at? Seoul? Have number or address of clinic?! Thanks ahead.
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I'm getting mine done in Uijeongbu. Dr Ana (sp?) rigth next to Dunkin Doughnuts, second floor,above a pharmacy.
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Do you have the exact address to this place? Is it a beauty boutique or clinic?
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We are stationed in South Korea as well and I am having it done. I started out just getting my abdomen done, I have now added the underside of my arms as well. Like Jen said, I go in twice a week. I have had 4 treatments on my abdomen, and 2 on my arms. I have already lost 10 pounds. I have no pain or swelling and only some small bruising here and there, mostly on my hips. It costs me 15,000w ($12.25) per session. I get a total of 6 6ml syringes, ~ 30 injections along the abdomen and hips, and 8 in each arm. On a side note I am also getting IPL done on my face for 70,000w per session :D
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Wow, well certainly can't complain about those kinds of prices!! Ladies, please keep us updated on how its going!

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Wow! This sounds fantastic! Could you give me the name and location of the doctor you visit? I live in Seoul, and I would love to try this for some problem areas on my figure and my double chin and jowls. Also, could you update on what your IPL experience has been like? Thanks in advance for sharing!
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I'm glad you are seeing good results, I do just want to give a word of caution, out of concern for you, that in the states Mesotherapy is not FDA approved.

Here is a Q&A with info about it.

Is Mesotherapy FDA Approved?

Hearing information from people who are doing the treatment is very helpful to the community. Please keep updating your review, and letting us know how you are!! :)

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