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I've Been Injected Fake and Expired Botox (Angular Chin) - Seoul, South Korea

I have taken my first botox on my jaws in a clinic...

I have taken my first botox on my jaws in a clinic in Seoul 2 days ago. I did not check the bottle before my injection (they were using Allergan) and when I do (after the injection), I found out that the bottle stated - LOT NUM: [empty]; EXP: 2010/09. And I DID NOT notice any hologram wordings of the word Allergan. I'm just worried and afraid of the expired toxins that are circulating in my body now.

The doctor kept assuring me that its gonna be alright, no harm will be done on my body and i will see the result after 2 weeks. By 2 weeks time im already back to my own country! i wanted to take back the bottle as proof but they dont allow it and hid it! What will be the side effects of a botox that has been expired for 2 years? And what should I do now? What can I do? I'm in disstressd now..


I'm sorry to hear you are distressed and can understand your concern. Here are some Q&A's that might help:

Adverse Effects of Expired Botox

How Long Can You Keep Botox Past the Expiry Date Printed on the Box? Mine Says Oct.2012

Though it will have been a bummer for you to have spent $500 and received no results I'll be hoping for no results over anything negative - please keep us posted how you are doing!

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Yeah that was exactly what I thought! No results better than negative results. Thanks for the posts, the reviews are exactly what the doctor said but I still don't like paying for an expired product. It's been 12 days now since the injection and I don't see any changes on my jaw shrinking or getting smaller. It's almost the same. But before I leave from Seoul, I actually made a request to retrieve my money back because it is not what I paid for (despite the doctor and the head nurse kept assuring me that the effect will be visible after 2 weeks) and they gave me my money back. Thank God for that. I told myself that if I want to have an injection a second time in future, I will definitely read the label and be extra cautious despite good reputation from the doctor. It's just safer to not take things for granted.

Oh my gosh, that is awesome you got your money back!! I never would have expected to hear that!!

If you do opt to try Botox again sometime in the future please let us know how it goes for you. :)

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I went to the clinic personally. I

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