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I've always had really large breast. I started...

I've always had really large breast. I started wearing a bra in the 3rd grade and by the time I was in the 7th, I was in a D cup. I've wanted to get this done since I was a teenager and at 26 finally had the procedure done. My breast had become a burden, especially when exercising. After running, it was the norm for me to get excruciating headaches, and my shoulders to ache for hours.

I had my surgery on 1/25/11 and am very satisfied with the results. I was a 38DD before and now I'm a 38 C. The reduction of one cup size may not seem like much, but the difference is amazing. I have dresses that I'd ordered online but have never worn because I looked like a hooker with my boobs hanging out, but now they fit and look decent.

As far as pain, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be, and I have a very low pain tolerance. I think the drains were probably the worst part. They were very irritating and I had mine in for 7 days.

I've read a lot of reviews where the person said they experienced a loss of sensation in the nipple. I actually have sensation in both my nipples, and have had it since right after the surgery. The sensation in my nipples is much more heightened than before I had my surgery, and I've been keeping them covered up because of they've been so sensitive.

As far as scarring, I can't really tell yet because it's only been 13 days since my surgery. I plan on following my doctor's orders to help with the scar reduction. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone.

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Hello Mesoq
I was wondering where you had your surgery and how much it cost. I am also in South Korea. Thanks for any info
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Hello Mesoq I was wondering where you had your surgery, and how much it cost. I am also in South Korea. Thanks for any info.
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I had it done at Ajou University Hospital and I didn't have to pay anything (military), but the total cost was 15,000.
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I have been struggling to decide whether I want to have a reduction or not, but I feel much more open to the procedure after reading your story. I am in the same situation that you were in, and hope to end up around the same size that you have. Thank you for sharing your details and pictures. It is very relieving to hear from others experiences. One of my main concerns is ending up too smaller and then still not feeling confident with my figure. You still have great shape, though, so that is heartening!
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I'm glad I could share and help you out. That's why I wanted to share my particular experience. I had read some good and some bad, so I thought I would add another good experience in the mix. The size they would end up was one of my fears to, because while I wanted smaller breast, I didn't want to wake up with nothing. My doctor actually told me beforehand though that because I was dark-skinned and more prone to keloid scarring that he wouldn't make them too small, because the smaller that he would make them, then the longer the scar. I love this new size though and the shape as well, and the shape is actually improving day by day, because they're dropping and filling out that loose skin at the bottom.
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Hi Mesoq -- Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for sharing your experience. One cup size definitely makes a huge difference. Congrats on your results so far and please keep us posted on your recovery progress.

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