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CALL me stupid... I was offered Restylane under...

CALL me stupid... I was offered Restylane under my eyes as free treatment adding to my Breast CC resurgery... so I went for it...
It's been already a week and I have huge bruises and nothing more. I think my eyes look really worse than before. Doc said he needs to address more but... Does it mean I have to spent more weeks with my yellowish purplish face?!? Or I should NOT GO FOR IT?...
Hoping everything works out for you. Maybe when the swelling and the bruising goes away you might think better.
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That is really only something you can decide. If you don't feel that going through the bruised phase is worth the change you get afterwards its ok to tell your doctor that. You might also ask if there are some things that you could change to reduce bruising.

Here is a Q&A that might be helpful to you:

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