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Smart Lipo Really Works (Upper / Lower Abdomen and Flanks)!

I had smart lipo in both the upper and lower...

I had smart lipo in both the upper and lower abdomen and flanks. I lost several inches around my waistline and luv handles were flattened. No matter how much I exercised, I would not have received these type of results--it was like a miracle.

The doctor and staff were awesome. They were very patient and thoroughly explained everything from the consultation to the post-op. I look forward to having more services done in the future and I would only recommend this doctor. She is committed in providing the very best service.

Dr. Melanie Carreon

Dr. C and her staff are committed in providing the very best service. I was very pleased with the results. The doctor is very passionate about her work and ensures that the very best is provided. I would only use this doctor for future services.

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HI- I just had this procedure done by Dr. Carreon. Did your tummy have any uneveness at any time? i had the procedure 3 weeks ago and am very uneven. Please let me know if you had this.......
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I noticed on Dr. Carreon's website it mentioned that she had a flat rate of $2,500 for the first area of treatment and $900 for the second. I am wondering about the $7,000 cost.
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I am wondering about the cost. On her website,it says she has a flat rate of first areas costing $2,500. Why was yours so much more?
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has anyone had vaser done? How is it different than smart lipo? Has anyone used Monarch Med Spa? Dr. Leimer?
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Please sign in and you will find out.
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Who is Dr. C?
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Hi msre,

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I agree with you, she's definitely awesome. The procedure was long because she made sure to get as much fat out as possible. Dr. C seems to enjoy doing Lipo because she is not rushed doing the lipo. Everythign was explained before hand and the staff is just awesome. I recomend her!
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