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I See Results 4 Weeks in Already

So I heard that Lumigan's side effect was lash...

So I heard that Lumigan's side effect was lash growth years ago so when Latisse came into the market, I realized that it must work or else Allergan would not have gone through the extensive FDA approvals for it. 

I got it right when it was available to the public and have been using it every night (well minus 3 nights b/c I completely forgot), and so far I must say it has been working for me.  The length is definitely longer but the fullness is not there yet. 

I'm hoping once I get to the 10 week mark, I will start to see more fullness. The website has great before and after photos and I'm really hoping mine will react the same way!  I know others have been happy with other non FDA brands but I definitely feel more comfy with a product that went thru the approvals.

Your lashes just revert to its normal length, color and fullness. You know what? I'm now on my 2nd bottle and I just use it like twice a week and my lashes have remained long and lush.
What happens after you stop using the product? Do you have to continue to keep them long?
agreed, I use one applicator for BOTH eyes every night.
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