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Hoping That Second Dose of Accutane is Permanent - California

I didn't get great results with accutane the...

i didn't get great results with accutane the 1st time for very long i'm hoping this second course is permanent. i had all the usual side effects nothing too bad, nothing that i couldn't put up with to finally have clear skin.

i am now on my second course of Accutance, after teh first course my skin started breaking out 1 month after i was off. that was about 2 years ago. so now i'm back on accutane it's my 1st month and i'm concerned that 1 my doctor is not gving me enough ( 40mg a day ) before i had 40mg then 80 mg every other day. is there anyway to tell if i will need a third or fourth course of this drug? also should i do 40mg/80mg like before instead of just taking 40mg everyday

Can you tell me of a doctor who will prescribe accutane I'm looking for one,

Same here, doctor started me with 40mg and then raised up to 70mg. It is a common technique to give the body some time to get used in this "violent" drug. Btw, what is this $1000 ? Are you kidding?

Do not take accutane the sideeffects are not worth...

do not take accutane the sideeffects are not worth the results. this only cleared my skin for the time i was on it. i took it twice. 

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