I can already see a difference - Seattle, WA

I love my new JeNu. I saw it in US Weekly and I...

I love my new JeNu. I saw it in US Weekly and I can already see a difference in just over two weeks. If I could buy one of these puppies for all my friends for Christmas I would. Awesome for the eyes and the lips too! It's amazing. The lip serum and eye treatment are good too. Just the right consistency.

I love my new JeNu

HI friends. I took a before pic and and after and its not good. I can't seem to get a "fair" photo so I need someone to take it for me. I haven't forgotten, I will update!

JeNu still good, selfies not so good

My JeNu is fab. I definitely see a difference and now, combined with Botox, well it's AMAZING. I'm terrible at taking / posting selfies so will try to find some before / afters but don't let that slow you down. It really does work.

I bought directly from the website after seeing in US Weekly.

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On the edge of my seat waiting to see your results! :) If you need help cropping them or anything (to stay anonymous) just drop me a note.

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Thank you! Can't wait.

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Hi all. I will post pics. I didn't like any of my "befores" but I'll suck it up for the sake of beauty. Give me another week or so.
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Yes! Did you see mine? I'll be updating weekly. I'm hoping this is my low point :). 

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I'd love to see pictures too if you have them. You can crop down your photo to just show the area you want to focus. How often do you use your JeNu? I just started today (Day 1) and I want to use it on my lips every time they start to feel dry.


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Yes, we want to see pics!!

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I've been using it in the AM because I am usually sporadic at best at night.
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Results in two weeks - How exciting! Will you be posting pics? I'd love to see your results. :)
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Hi Tbord! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm really excited to hear more about what people think of JeNu. Have you let your friends try it yet? 

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