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I'm nervous about getting a tummy tuck. I feel...

I'm nervous about getting a tummy tuck. I feel like I should have tried harder to lose weight, or that I should get lipo instead. Yipes! And what if I gain the weight back? How can I know if i'm choosing the right procedure? How much weight SHOULD i lose before I go for it for real? And what will I look like if I gain 20 lbs next year?


Where did you get a tummy tuck in Seattle for 5000? How did it turn out?
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Yes . . .every persons circumstances are different. If you post more information about yourself, your situation, and how you got to this point of thinking about getting a TT, there are plenty of us on here who could give you tons of advice. What I can tell you now is that typically there is some lipo done with abdominoplasty and if you do get this procedure done the better healthy shape you are in the easier the healing process. Sometimes your weight has nothing to do with how in shape you are.
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I'm trying to lose weight before I get mine (gives me time to save). If you post some before pics I could give better advice. All I can say is: from the posts I've read, it would be a waste to get lipo and not the tuck of you have sagging skin. When you see the results of your new flat stomach, it'll give you more incentive to work out. You won't gain 20lbs if you remember how much money you spent : )
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