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Let me start this review by giving some context...

Let me start this review by giving some context into what surgery I had Dr. Sowder perform. I am a 24 year old male, 6'4" who spent most of his life morbidly obese. About two years ago, I decided to go through a dramatic life change and dedicated myself to fitness and healthy eating. I went from somewhere around 335 lbs down to 210 lbs, or 45% body fat to 10%. This took me about 15 months, and left me with a large amount of excess skin on my stomach. So, I had Dr. Sowder perform an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to get rid of it and to allow my body to show off the work on my abs that I was putting in every day.

Firstly, Dr. Sowder's work speaks for itself. I am amazed by how much change she was able to perform on my body. I went from still looking very flabby with loose skin hanging and flopping from my midsection, to having a great amount of definition and feeling like a stud. Because of Dr. Sowder, I feel like my body is finally able to reflect the amount of work that I put into it. If you see her for a consultation, ask to see her before and after shots of male abominoplasty patients, and look for the guy with a tattoo on his left chest. The after shot is only the beginning, and since it was taken my physique has improved dramatically.

Secondly, working with Dr. Sowder was a dream. Everything was amazingly convenient. If I had a 9:00 appointment, I could show up at 8:30 and I would be seeing Dr. Sowder at 8:35. The total amount of time I had to be in her waiting room across all of my appointments is less than I usually have to wait to see my family practitioner. She was also incredibly helpful and insightful in explain to me the surgery, the effects, the recovery, etc... I left feeling confident I was fully informed of all aspects of what I wanted done and whether or not it would be worth it for me, personally.

If you are considering plastic surgery, I cannot recommend seeing Dr. Sowder for your consultation highly enough. After working with her, I have absolutely no regrets.

Most importantly, congrats on your amazing accomplishment. You must feel like a million bucks. 


Wow. Sounds like you had a heck of a journey and an amazing awakening. What motivated your life change? We'd love pictures if you're willing to share. 4 mos PO. Are you all healed? When could you return to your exercise regime?

Sorry, those all sound like things I should've included in the first place. The best part of all the weight loss haven't been physical (although those are super nice), they're mental. I was serious depressed before, but now I feel great all the time. I was motivated to change just because a friend asked me to be his workout partner and kept pushing me until I had enough momentum and had seen enough progress for me to keep going on my own. Now it's a part of me. And I would say that I'm all healed up. I still wear the medical tape over my incision, but it's long been healed up and the scar is fading away steadily. It's more of a habit, now. I was up walking the day after the surgery, and Dr. Sowder gave me permission to return to the gym for light (very light) exercise after eight days. Now I'm back, and stronger than ever! I'll ask Dr. Sowder if she can send me a copy of the before and after photos. The difference is amazing. I don't have any photos of me shirtless from before the procedure, due to shame.
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