Thermage - Not Worth It (Except Maybe Eyelids) - Seattle, WA

I had Thermage around my eyes in May 2011 and the...

I had Thermage around my eyes in May 2011 and the results have been satisfactory. I had previously been an every 3-4 months Botox/Dysport user for crinkles and sagging around my eye area, but now find that I only need to have Botox/Dysport every six months. However, I paid an additional $1,400 to have Thermage on my face and neck area in June 2011 -- and never noticed any benefit. Do not waste your money on Thermage for face/neck; it's painful (eye region was no problem!) and you will not see any difference, good or bad, after treatment. Do not let the physician's rep talk you into something that does nothing. BTW: I have never had more than a 10-pound weight fluctuation in my life (15 years ago), so please don't listen to anyone defending Thermage based on weight gain/loss. It makes no difference at all; Thermage on face/neck is a complete waste.

Where in Seattle did you get eyelid thermage done?
I loved thermage. I had immediate and long lasting results that were as dramatic as a face lift would be. The dermatologist that performed it moved out of state to care for her ill father. Only wish I could find someone in my area that does it.
Yes - Botox and Dysport are absolutely worthwhile. It's up to the consumer to make the right choice between the two - I'd recommend reading reviews here on RealSelf or elsewhere. No matter which one you choose, Dysport (which I'm using now) and Botox are reliable and effective - provided you're in the hands of a doctor with know-how!
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