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My New Nose is my Favorite Thing I've Done for Me! - Seattle, WA

Every time I looked in the mirror I dwelled on my...

Every time I looked in the mirror I dwelled on my profile view...my nose. The hump, the length. Yeah, I was "pretty",and ALL of my friends said that I didnt need a nose job, that it was "me" and I wouldn't look right; but it was about me and my own issues with the nose. Looked like my dad's man nose on my girl face. Just out of place. I finally maxed out a credit card for the new nose and have not, for 1 minute, regretted it. The funny thing is, after all the profile examinations of my face in the mirrors for all those years, I now have to remind myself to check it out. It's a strange and wonderful thing. If you have been thinking about it for some time, chances are, you should do it. I look like me, just better. Oh, and all those friends..they think I'm still pretty in the same way.

Yes, you are pretty! And I'm glad you went for it and don't regret a bit of it. One of the best parts of having a nose job is simply clearing away the mental clutter of thinking about your nose all the time.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I think he sold the business, however my dr was onboard with what I wanted...not a fake looking upturned nose...just mine but better. loved them.

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