Restylane 1 Syringe in Lips - Seattle, WA

Not sure how i feel about this product. To me they...

Not sure how i feel about this product. To me they look the same. This was taken one month after injection. One syringe was used. The swelling went down after 5 days and I noticed nothing had really changed. Had a hard time eating with them , seemed like all the volume was on the inside of my mouth. I personally would stick to just lip liners and lip glosses not wasting my money.

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this is what im afraid of...... ughh so u got so bruising or anythinng? did u tell dr u were unsatisfied and see no change?
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From the pictures you have posted it is hard to tell a difference. :-/ Can you explain a bit more about you mean by it felt like the volume was on the inside of your mouth? I'm assuming you mean your lips felt more swollen against your teeth/gums, but would love to know for sure.

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yes, as in all the filler was placed behind my lips. I feel almost so they could have me come back a month later to buy more product. i hate the restylane i can feel little balls with my tongue along the inside of my lips too .... so stupid waste of money.
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wow feel very bad for u :( so sorry honey..your lips are hot why not tattoo a shade exact to your lips and line them? do your homework...maybe even a REAL tatoo artist and not a makeup one may ..i have the kit it can be bought cheap at im in NO WAY telling u to do it but if u have it ...maybe a good tat artist will line u up w a perfect color...i woul;dnt trust the chinese to do it haha
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