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2.5 months ago I got a cover up on my left...

2.5 months ago I got a cover up on my left arm/shoulder. My previous tattoo was embarrassing, a superman symbol with the letter R for my first name. I got it when I was 18, my older brother got a bunch of tattoos so I followed him.

This current tattoo is HUGE and all colors... like all colors. It looks nice, but wow, my regret is horrible. I got my previous tattoo faded, had 5 treatments and 1 pico treatment. I stopped for about 5 months and for some reason decided a cover up was the best solution. I found an awesome artist, got a great design, but you know what, it's just tattoos that are the problem, I don't want anything on me. To be fair, if it wasn't on my arm I really wouldn't care.

I'm going to a great law school in a year and am already stressing about hiding my ink in a professional environment. I can't believe I stopped the removal process and now have a GIANT colored tattoo that will take 3 years to get rid of!

I went to a consultation this morning. I felt good just thinking about the laser, but I understand how unrealistic full removal is. I have a ton of colors and a large tattoo, I'm screwed. Well, I got quoted an amazing price for the tattoo, $600.

Guys, I thought I was through the regret. I was making progress with removal but I got weak and got it covered, thinking I could find a shortcut to my regret.

I'd really like some opinions on just how long this would take if it even did come off... It's hard to find results before/after because those of us who have done removal understand it takes much longer than advertised.


Welcome :) I am with everyone else, the Picosure sounds like a safe destroys blue and purple. Check out these reviews:
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Good Luck!

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Couple of questions/comments. I have my first treatment on August 1. I've had previous laser removal done, so honestly, once I got over that initial "why the fuck didn't I just continue the laser instead of a cover up" I was brought back to my life when I first told my parents that I didn't like my tattoos because I feel like it defines me. After some time I thought it was just the tattoos I had, but now after this giant cover up, I realize that it's tattoos in general, or at least, those in very public areas. Honestly, I wouldn't care at all if this tattoo wasn't on my car, but alas, it is. I have a question about the picosure, it seems to be treating certain colors (purple/blue/green) better than black. Is that my own naive hopes, or does that seem to be accurate? I've seen some colors fade an incredibly amount. Second question, and probably impossible to answer, but do you think I will be able to get FULL removal? I'm willing to put in the time, 3-4 years is what I expect, but I want to know if it's actually reasonable to assume that all of this ink can actually be removed? Looking at my arm, it just seems... impossible. Well, I guess we'll see!
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*on my arm, not my car...
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