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I am going to be 19 years old and considering a...

I am going to be 19 years old and considering a breast reduction. My boobs have been large for as long as I can remember. I used to go to my mom in tears crying that nothing fit on top. Currently I am a 36 DDD. I have tried exercising, but as my waist gets smaller, my boobs don't. Over the past couple years it has gotten more and more painful. Recently I have been experiencing back and neck pain, and rashes because when I exercise and sweat my boobs get really irritated. I am really considering getting a breast reduction, but am so scared. That is such a major change to your body!!! I would love any suggestions or opinions on what I should don. Some of my fears are, I dont want I know to be asking if I got one done, and the recovery state sounds painful. I want it done so bad though! How long would a suggested time of recovery be to take off work? Thanks for the help!!!

Hi. I was 19 when I had mine. Which was in November 16 2012. I am now 20. I was just as nervous too. I also worked out. I'm only 130 with a 34DD. Now I' m a size B (: trust me it's very scary going into surgery but when you come you can already feel the weight off your chest. Everybody body is different. I wasn't in pain when I woke up I just felt like throwing up. I was in pain the next day. You will need someone there 24/7 the first 4 days to help you up. & also if you dr gives u pills take it because it will avoid surgery down the road. & another huge tip is you won't be able to eat how u use to:( you will be told that you will gain weight there first. Which is true bc mine are getting bigger. But it's all worth the fear trust me you will love it(: oh & you will only need about two weeks off you can't lift anything heavy for 6 months you won't be fully healed til then to. I was also told no sex bc it will open up your scars & no kids until 2 yrs after.
Thanks so much for the feedback! I think that in April I am definitely going to go and talk to a surgeon about it. It sounds like it would really turn my life around. What did you mean about how I wont be able to eat like I used to? You say that you went to a size B but got bigger? Does that mean you will continue to get bigger or were you smaller than a B after the surgery? Thank you!!!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the feedback I...

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the feedback I got. I am going to plan on seeing someone about my options in April. I have made the decision that a breast reduction is the best option for me.
Hey Jassydesiree26 do you have a review posted somewhere? Would love to read it, we are similar age and similar proportions and that is proving hard to find on here! :)
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