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Started Latisse 9/18/13. I started to see results...

Started Latisse 9/18/13. I started to see results after 1 month my lashes have increased in number you can see the growth some are small and just growing in other hairs are as long as falsies. Im almost at two month and they tangle at the ends. I purchased a size 92 liner brush because the packaging brushes waste the product. I wash the brush every time with antiseptic soap and dry it before using the actual product. Im almost done with my first bottle. I did not experience darkening of lid. I did experience irritation dryness of eyes. Its getting better. Try not to get it in ur eyes. I use it on both top + bottom lashes. Try to use a mascara that is east to get off like LancĂ´me so it doesnt rip out any lashes. Dont rub ur eyes as they do get itchy.
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Ive only missed about 5 days in like a month lol


Im on month 2!!!
I've been using latisse for about 18months. At first the results were wonderful! I loved my thick long lashes. But now I am very bummed out because almost overnight my lashes have weakened significantly. sections of my right lash line are completely gone with only small stubby lashes in their place. I stopped using the product today. I will keep you posted.
That's terrible. What ended up happening?

Wow your lashes are soooo long!  I am not having the same results as you.

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