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IPL - So-so - Seattle, WA

I had a series of IPL treatments (and of course,...

I had a series of IPL treatments (and of course, was promised amazing results). I can only give this a so-so rating. The pulses will start to hurt after 30 minutes of treatment. For the cost, I don't think IPL was worth it based on the "promise the moon" spiel I was given by the physician's rep where I had the treatment. I think it costs less to use great sunscreen (which I do) and maybe look into spot laser treatment. IPL did nothing for redness, freckles (treated three times). It did, however, seem to even out overall skin tone for a few months, but once winter hit here in Seattle - all bets were off and I was back to blotchy.

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Sorry to hear the IPL gave so so results at best. That is interesting that your skin went back to blotchy during the winter. I would have expected it to be blotchy in the summertime.

Appreciate you sharing your experience with us!!

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