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I did not want to have my mothers chin. Great...

I did not want to have my mothers chin. Great experience,very little down time, really looked natural, rested.


Hate to be a bug-but my concern is returning to work early and people noticing the lines around my ears...was that easy to conceal and about how long until those lines disappear?
Thank you for your answers..just had CO2 laser which did nothing and now I am sorry I spent the money, took time off of work and didn't do this procedure instead of the laser.
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It was about three weeks before they were not red, but my hair covered them, i had no lines at all in front it was inside and behind the ear. i am fair so my skin does not show much after the redness went away. I did have a laser about a month after wards on the stich lines to help take out the red, V beam and that worked like a charm.
I had it done on a Tuesday and was at wedding on weekend. I did have to modify my dancing, but the only comment I got was have you lost weight, so it was really easy. I am so glad I did everytime I look in the mirror .
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