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Day 10 post eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. Anyone...

Day 10 post eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. Anyone else experience burning watering eyes everyday? It stated at about 5 days post op. My sutures are still in one eyelid and the other eye is inflammed and red so far.

I guess i just wished i knew how long recovery would take. It is def not 7-10 days because i do not look presentable yet! I do like the look of having eyelids finally.

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After two weeks everything is looking and feeling...

After two weeks everything is looking and feeling good. I finally have eyelids!! Eyelid surgery absolutely changes how big your eyes appear an how awake you appear and I def recommend it IF you have two to three weeks to recover. I look healed now but I still would avoid makeup and close scrutiny for one more week because I do not want people to know I have had surgery. All in all it wast as scary as I thought and if I was a speedy healer and not prone to infection I would have had a faster recovery but that's fine!


hi im glad everything has went well for you i agree that recovery time is alot longer as i had upper and lower done on 17th sep i still look not right but getting there, i hope ur nose is healing well to , my eye sight still not great and i dont no if its caused by dry eye or the pressure of scaring round eye ball,,
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Nose is good just cant smile :( hmm I never had vision problems but I only had uppers done. At 17 days post op I still have burning eyes occasionally and my eyelid is still a bit inflammed so I'm taking antibiotics still. It's such a slow recovery! Hopefully by one month everything will be normal
Burning, sensitive, watery eyes are all very common after surgery. Recovery takes time! Be patient and continue to see your surgeon for follow-ups. All doctors and surgeons do not tell the truth about the recovery time! If they did, no one would have the surgery! If you are happy with the outcome, consider yourself lucky and blessed.
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