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Doctor Injected Botox in Zygomaticus Major/minor -Seattle, WA

I had one session ob botox for bells palsy around...

I had one session ob botox for bells palsy around my eye and forehead area. The second time the neurologist said that she has a little left and can inject it on my Zygomaticus major to see if it releases the very slight pull that I had in my lips. After a week my face was completely paralyzed and it is six weeks not but still cannot lift my upper lip. I called the Dr office and they said that it will start getting better in 3 weeks. I do not see any change. I have been reading a lot here and am very worried that because of my history of bells palsy would this by any means cause permanent damage.

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I'm sorry to hear what is going on. :( I saw the question you posted in the Q&A section, and it looks like you have gotten some good answers back from the doctors already, so I hope they have been helpful.

Here is another Q&A posted by Gerliv, who had a somewhat similar experience. Perhaps you will find some of the information in this Q&A helpful too:

Mouth Drooping After Botox for Bell's Palsy

Please keep us posted on how you are doing, and when you start to see it wear off.

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