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Hello, I have an oval shape face that I feel does...

Hello, I have an oval shape face that I feel does not have a distinct definition between the upper checks and lower cheeks (the ones unwanted). I had fat injections done several times in the last 3 years (small amounts each time), on my upper cheeks but still haven't obtained that face structure that I want, although it has improve because my face used to looked flatter in the upper area. I would love to know if I am a candidate for bucal fat extraction , my father has the same lower cheek pads and he is 70 and they still there, therefore those doctors that don't suggest the procedure due to lose of fat and hallow lower checks while aging, do not take into account that those fat pads never go away. They remain the same size through the years, so really I don't understand the logic behind those opinions. I see my photos when I was 16 and the are still there, I feel like my face has become even more wider in the jawline with age, I am 32 now. perhaps due to the fat injections if they have mobilized down making my face look rounder?

I don't like the fake look of cheek implants so this procedure looks like a good alternative, I am just not sure if I am a candidate for it. I feel that my face is to round or too oval. However, I would like more information about it. Although I don't have a chubby face or completely round face, I do have those pads on the side especially when I smile the same way my father does, actually my father's seemed to have gotten more prominent due to the sagging of the skin for his age. I am posting two photos of my issue and the last one is how I would desire my face to look (when I suction in my lower checks) I would like to know if that is the result I would get or if it will be too hallow, or subtle noticeable. Thanks


If you have not done this surgery yet, DO NOT DO IT! You have a beautiful face and you will absolutely regret it if you do. I DID do this surgery and I have regretted it everyday since. You're face will become more masculine looking and gaunt. I did it because I thought my face was "too square" and I wanted more definition with my cheekbones. I would recommend to continue to use filler in your upper cheeks if I were you. You are free to do as you please, but I sincerely regret doing it, and you have more definition in your face than I did.

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I had surgery 3 weeks ago so I can't tell you for sure what results you will get as I still wait for mine. What I can tell you though - sucking your cheeks in doesn't show at all what your face will be like after the surgery. And the shape of your face wouldn't change. It will become more hollow and the cheekbones will become more defined. If that's what you are looking for then go for it.
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